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Just4u dating

The supermarket chain has 225 stores in California and another 20 locations in Nevada. Answer 1: The phone number for Vons is (925) 467-3000. I inquired in the bakery department if the store had any loaves in back, and the clerk took me to where the Sheepherder bread had been placed. This is done to get you in the store and is dishonest. They hire employees who are convicted felons and are wanted fugitives of the law. She has an outstanding warrant and is on the lam from Dekalb county, Ga. The expensive asparagus is lying there stacked, breaking the tips and drying up. Items are frequently not available when I receive the order. Items that were part of a “DEAL” are often among the items that are not delivered. 3 of the half n half Lucerne brand were 5 days expired. Reply I’m in agreement with the April 16, 2018 complaint by Kathy Ellis, regarding the new Sheepherder bread.Vons is a supermarket chain that operates supermarkets under the Vons and Pavilion banners. Safeway acquired an ownership stake in Vons in 1988 as part of the sale of most of its supermarkets in southern California and southern Nevada. I had been shopping at Vons (several locations) for the Sheepherder bread, specifically.Vona was founded Charles Von der Ahe as Von’s Groceteria in Los Angeles, California. Vons has gone through several acquisitions and is owned today by Safeway Inc., a leading U. Safeway acquired full control of the company in 1997 and has since then operated Vons as a subsidiary. Recently, I went to my local store in Studio City, CA, hoping to find a few loaves on the shelf. I went to the store to buy Mandarins for .99 for a 3lb. The produce manager said that product was not in stock for the last several weeks and does not intend on restocking it. They don’t keep well wet, you can’t use or chop wet Parsley in many cases.Cashiers and stockers saw her but let her stand there. I’ve had to wait up to 10 minutes at the deli to get help. Looks like you don’t want to be in business anymore. For 90 thousand people there are 2 major chain markets, 1 Vallarta market. Despite the ease of ordering online and having groceries delivered to your home, People still like to cook and eat good food. Wile this is the worst ever, I have had constant problems in the Deli, Flowers and Pharmacy.Reply Hello Vons, Regarding- the bakery Sheephearder bread and produce I live in Sylmar Ca. I grew up eating Sheephearder Bread from a local bakery, when it closed we were devastated. Seem they in a task to run your company out of business and eventually they will.

Today my wife waited at the check out stand for 3 minutes. It appears the store has a problem with all departments and they have trouble managing careless employees that only want a pay check and have no intention to work, I probably should do as my friends and neighbors and don’t go back we have other markets that treat clients with respect and actually appreciate our business.

I then asked her again to provide me with the information and informed her I will contact the health department that is when she gave me a receipt ripped with the manager name and store phone number.

I asked her to write her name and at first she refused and then once I started recording her wrote it down.

We apologize for the inconvenience of being charged for items that you did not receive.

We have processed a refund of .00 for the Atlantic Salmon listed in your email.

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The loaves are now half the size of the previously baked bread and covered with some white, messy powder. Please heed the advice of your customers to bring back the old recipe for Sheepherder bread. She is hiding out in California because of the leniency of the laws. The Brussel sprouts are soaking wet, they get brown spots when wet. Each item should be treated special and look special. They are there most of the day and have to answer to complaints with no power to give input.

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