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Later on a field trip to a museum, Tucker notices that he resembles the likeness of the Egyptian pharaoh on display.

Hotep RA, a mummy ghost and past servant of the ancient king, notices this as well and hands Tucker the king's ancient scepter which possesses Tucker and allows him to create an Egyptian world with himself as ruler and the teachers and students as his servants.

Paulina was quite after that." What are we going to do now? "Well,you'll stay here for tonight then..." Ember trailed off gesturing Danny to continue for her." Then we'll go to Far Frozen.

Lancer I'm fine no need to worry." Said Danny."okay.." Mr.

Valarie shot up and looked around." Who's there?

A/N: ooohhh~ what's that voice Dash and Valarie heard?

Tucker has an inferiority complex where his friends are concerned, and whenever Tucker becomes empowered through a ghostly wish or otherwise, he tends to turn on his friends.

They had all sat down, Valarie kept glancing at Danny but it didn't go unnoticed by Danny." Valarie? But what she didn't expect was the uncontrollably fit of laughter Danny had gotten himself into."why are you laughing? Sam came in with a confused look." What Is it Danny, I'm busy." Said Sam." Valarie thinks your cheating on me with Tucker" said Danny.

" Asked an angry Valarie.' I tell him his girlfriend is cheating on him with his best friend and he laughs?! Sam looked at Danny with a blank face before bursting into fits of laughter, much like Danny did moments ago." I'm pretty sure Jazz would kill him then mame me if that ever happened." Said Sam." What are you talking about?

You come here to THEIR home and try and shoot them! How will the ghost boy know how hot I really am looking like this! Of course I'm importa-" Paulina was cut off when Sam smacked her." You need to learn to shut up. "And how do we know this ghost won't destroy us when we get there?

There's a ghost that can get us home" continued Danny.

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