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These interests concerned in the first place the application of Articles 2 and 5 of the Polish law of July 14th, 1920, the deletion from the land registers of the name of the Oberschlesische Stickstoffwerke Company (hereafter called the "Oberschlesische") as owner of certain landed property at Chorzw, and the entry, in its place, of the Polish Treasury; the taking over by a delegate of the Polish Government of control of the working of the nitrate factory at Chorzw; also the taking possession by him of the movable property and patents, licences, etc., of the Bayerische Stickstoffwerke Company (hereafter called the "Bayerische"), which had previously worked the factory.

In the second place, these interests concerned the notice given by the Government of the Polish Republic to the owners of certain large agricultural estates of its intention to expropriate those properties.

[2] On receipt of notice of the first Application, the Government of the Polish Republic took certain preliminary objections of procedure and in particular an objection to the Court's jurisdiction.

II, the President fixed the times for the filing of the documents of the written proceedings in regard to the suits in question as follows: For the Case, by the Applicant: Wednesday, September 16th, 1925; For the Counter-Case, by the Respondent: Wednesday, October 28th, 1925; For the Reply, by the Applicant : Wednesday, November 25th, 1925; [p8] For the Rejoinder, by the Respondent : Wednesday, December 23rd, 1925.

[8] The Case of the German Government was filed on the date fixed.

By a decision dated February 5th, 1926 (Annex I), the Court complied with this request by joining, for the purposes of the proceedings on the merits, the causes of action set out in the Request of August 25th, 1925, to those -also relating to the notice given by the Polish Government of an intention to expropriate certain large rural estates -mentioned in the Application of May 15th, 1925. "That the liquidation of the rural estates belonging 10 the Duke of Ratibor and Count Saurma-Jeltsch would not be in conformity with the provisions of Article 6 and the following articles of the Geneva Convention." [6] These submissions have undergone amendments, either in the course of the written or oral proceedings, which will be indicated hereinafter.

[5] The submissions made in the two Applications, the joinder of which was thus decided, were as follows: "May the Court be pleased: To give judgment. [7] In accordance with the Judgment of August 25th, 1925, No.

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