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If fupdating tcontrol

The instance writes to and maintains all listed control files during database operation.

If you do not specify files for two control files, each stored on a different disk.

In both cases, to guarantee that control files do not change during the procedure, shut down the instance before copying the control file.

CREATE CONTROLFILE SET DATABASE prod LOGFILE GROUP 1 ('/u01/oracle/prod/redo01_01.log', '/u01/oracle/prod/redo01_02.log'), GROUP 2 ('/u01/oracle/prod/redo02_01.log', '/u01/oracle/prod/redo02_02.log'), GROUP 3 ('/u01/oracle/prod/redo03_01.log', '/u01/oracle/prod/redo03_02.log') NORESETLOGS DATAFILE '/u01/oracle/prod/system01.dbf' SIZE 3M, '/u01/oracle/prod/rbs01.dbs' SIZE 5M, '/u01/oracle/prod/users01.dbs' SIZE 5M, '/u01/oracle/prod/temp01.dbs' SIZE 5M MAXLOGFILES 50 MAXLOGMEMBERS 3 MAXLOGHISTORY 400 MAXDATAFILES 200 MAXINSTANCES 6 ARCHIVELOG; After creating a new control file and using it to open the database, check the alert file to see if Oracle has detected inconsistencies between the data dictionary and the control file, such as a datafile that the data dictionary includes but the control file does not list.

I am trying to avoiding writing 80 event handlers for each of the boxes.

In other words, could a single event sense when anyone of the 80 boxes has been changed, and then pass the appropriate information as to which control has changed?

Remember that the database must have at least two control files at all times.

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By storing control files in these locations, you minimize the risk that all control files and all groups of the online redo log will be lost in a single disk failure.

In contrast, if a datafile indicated in the control file is not present in the data dictionary, Oracle removes references to it from the new control file.

In both cases, Oracle includes an explanatory message in the file to let you know what was found.

By default, at least one copy of the control file is created during database creation.

On some operating systems the default is to create multiple copies.

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Without the control file, the database cannot be mounted and recovery is difficult.

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