Girl webcam footage

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Girl webcam footage

Paragliders logging in to a live streaming feed were shocked when they saw the x-rated performance instead.

A couple who thought they had a private hilltop all to themselves had their entire steamy sex session broadcast live on a webcam feed for skydivers.

Seconds later, pieces of spare paper begin billowing as though they are caught in a powerful wind.

She flees the room as heavier objects on the table start to be thrown on to the floor and a nearby sofa. Online viewers were sceptical about its authenticity with one writing: "If I was the owner and it wasn't faked this property would be a paved lot in less than a week." Videos said to show the presence of poltergeists are common.

When police asked for their ID, the man was found to be 21 but his girlfriend was only 15.

The age of consent in Brazil is 14 and the couple told police they had been dating for some time and sex was consensual.

"To remove your public camera from this site and make it private the only thing you need to do is to change your camera default password," it states.

Police chief Cesar Luiz Danuns said: ‘The two officers that attended found the couple completely naked and making love on top of a white sheet.

‘They were asked to stop and did so without saying a word.

Insecam claims to offers feeds from IP cameras all over the world.

Whether or not it violates any security and privacy laws has been a matter of some debate.

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Irrespective of that, it seems unlikely that Russian authorities will move to shut down the website any time soon.

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