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Get laid for free sex dating apps

Mindsnacks’ simple series of word games is a particularly fine example.They have apps for students of French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese, with more on the way.There are now more than 200,000 education apps available to download on the app store.If you laid them all end-to-end, they wouldn’t reach very far, because in physical terms they’re nothing more than electronic patterns on tiny little magnets in your i Pad – but there are still a huge amount with variety to suit every taste.There’s a wealth of information on all the elements, with all the chemical detail you could hope for (I’m assuming, with my A in Chemistry GCSE…), as well as a potted history, some information on whoever discovered it, and plenty of pictures.I’ve found myself amazed about quite how many metals there really are that we never see or use.They’re finding them so often, in fact, that this morning my exoplanet app downloaded the details of 26 more justannounced by NASA.This is a lovely little app: little more than a database of planets and what we know about them, and a whacking great zoomable map of the Milky Way to show you where they all sit in space.

Any educational institution in the world can upload anything it likes, and leave it there for anyone in the world to find it.

There’s material on gene therapy, on art, on music and even on the psychology of humour.

Basically, there is something serious and mind-expandingly meaty for everyone, and it’s all well tagged, meaning you can explore surrounding concepts and watch related videos with disgusting ease.

Merck PSE HDYou wouldn’t know it from the name, but this is the best free periodic table app around.

It’s perhaps a little more drab than some of the flashier, paid-for periodic table apps on the market, but it’s hardly a meagre package in itself.

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At the moment, for instance, you can get free podcasts on all sorts of esoteric subjects from Oxford University experts, you can get a free subscription to a comprehensive Yale course on the American Revolution, or you can enjoy a ten-part multimedia course on writing plays from the Open University.

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