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All have the two characters "Pan" and "Liang" flanking a square hole (many minor calligraphy variations exist), and the reverse is always blank.The edges are generally sharp and unfinished, with a rough area where the casting sprew was broken off.We previously discussed the possibility that some Square-Foot Spades and early Square-Holed Round Coins were cast under the Ch'in, but we also believe the earliest Pan Liang were cast before 221 BC.img src="chis93.jpg" alt="Pan liang without rim" height="294" width="300" During the Zhou period, there had been a direct connection between the "Liang as a weight" (12 grams when applied to coinage) and the Liang as a coin denomination.This is a reference guide to the cast coins of China, not a listing of coins offered for sale (although a listing of examples we currently have available can be viewed on our : our vcoins store.

Physical characteristics of Pan Liang are simple and consistent long throughout the Ch'in and Han periods.It seems likely the Ch'in government would have had a method of determining the mint and period of issue of any given coin, as such systems appear to have been in place on other coins for over 100 years.No mint marks occur on these coins, but it is unreasonable to assume all were cast at a single mint.According to Michael Mitchiner (in Oriental Coins and their Values, The Ancient & Classical World, page 684), the suicide of Erh Shih Huang Ti (last Emperor of Ch'in) in 206 BC, resulted in a civil war in which a series of rebels fought for control of China.The most important of these rebels were Hiang-yu and Liu-peng.

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The House of Han ruled all China for almost four hundred years.