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He won’t _______________ his holidays in America.a) spentb) spendedc) spendsd) spend7. My mother ___________ it in the box.a) was not, putb) are not, putc) were not, putd) was not, puts8. Yes, I ______________.a) to go, did.b) go, do.c) to go, do.d) to go, don’t.9. I like to take _______________________ of this river.5. “Don’t ask too many questions,” my father ________.7. Age: 26 Real Name: Angelina Weight: 117 Height: 5'7" Years Married: 3 Years Location: Warszawa, 78 Interest: chatting online, cyber fun Husbands Career: Banker Webcam: Yes Marital Situation: I have been lonely for some time now and wish to seek a private & discreet relationship with someone local.Please send me an email to work something out between us.

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Brian______ me that he didn’t like the Science lesson. The doctor _____ that I must drink a lot of carrot juice. “Don’t ask too many questions,” my father ________.

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