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Are you closer to your chickens than you are to human beings?

Do you wish that you could plough the fields and sow the seeds with a significant other? The Beeb has commissioned a new dating show called Rather than all applicants being paired up with each other, you actually get to register your interest in going out with one of eight rural singles: there are four men looking for women, three women looking for men, and one man looking for with potential suitors more likely to milk cows than an endorsement deal.

But even controversial moments like when Snooki got punched when she confronted a man who stole the In the alternate world of reality shows, housewives don’t have to be wives, the biggest loser is actually the winner, and an average-looking guy can have groups of gorgeous women fighting over him.

Laughed when Jodi was going through the benefits of the truck – “It’s got a fridge and a pantry and a clothes line…” Yep and wheels!I am sure that girl was not happy being humiliated and copping abuse from him in a scenario that she had no control over.Finally Sam revealed to Jodie that his house was actually his truck, so he was a modern day drover a truck driver. It would be interesting to know what she thinks of it in a year’s time.The other girl left as she felt like a third wheel, and his mum’s choice did not have a hope as she was thrust into the camp very early in the morning.This ensured that he was not going to be enamoured by her.

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to the farm with her as it looks like now she has been intimate with Tom his ardour has cooled.

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