Estelle dating kanye west dating meeting child

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Estelle dating kanye west

Kanye is known for his ego, but Estelle insists he is a joy to work with.

The second of eight children, Estelle was raised in a strict, church-going household by her Senegalese mother and West Indian stepfather.

A year in the Big Apple might have given Estelle's music a distinctive American swagger, but the singer herself is essentially the same homegirl who left London last May.

Living abroad has worked wonders for her self-confidence, but she hasn't started talking with a mid-Atlantic twang just yet. Estelle's creative partnership with Legend, a key player in American R&B, came about after a chance meeting in an LA restaurant.

Since then, Estelle has continued to play shows across the world.

Even by her own daredevil standards, though, the decision to abandon her beloved West London and cross the Atlantic to live in New York a year ago seemed like a huge gamble. "Moving to New York did leave me in a state of culture shock, though. The Americans have a team mentality, whereas we are encouraged to think more individually.

"It was really a practical move," sighs the 28-year-old, taking a break from rehearsals for tonight's Later With Jools Holland show. "If I don't agree with something, I let people know, and it occasionally leads to tension. singer John Legend's Home School label, she now sits at No.

I had three years away from all of this, and that served as a real wake-up call.

It's the song that had most of the world outside the UK going, "WTF is Ribena?

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Like so many great soul vocalists, she began singing in church, although early exposure to her stepdad's reggae singles - plus a fondness for Eighties pop duo Mel And Kim - helped to fashion her eclectic taste.