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It's also useful when you get a second dataset from a component such as an XML web service, or when you need to integrate data from multiple datasets.When merging datasets, you can pass a Boolean argument () that tells the Merge method whether to retain existing modifications in the target dataset.If you aren't using data binding, and are saving changes for related tables, you have to manually instantiate a variable of the auto-generated Table Adapter Manager class, and then call its Udpate All method.Two-stage update process and the role of the Data Row Version in a successful update A dataset contains collections of tables, which contain a collections of rows.Or you might have application-specific validation checks that can raise custom errors during any stage of an update event.For more information, see Validate data in datasets.The Row State property of a Data Row object is a value that provides information about the status of a particular row of data.

For example, you might inadvertently write data of the wrong type to a column, or data that's too long, or data that has some other integrity problem.If you're familiar with Table Adapters, you can jump directly to one of these topics: Updating a data source is a two-step process.The first step is to update the dataset with new records, changed records, or deleted records.After you complete an update, you can re-enable constraint checking, which also re-enables update events and raises them.For more information about suspending events, see Turn off constraints while filling a dataset.

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If you intend to update an underlying data source later, you must use the methods on the Data Table.

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