End of the affairs internet dating dating sweetheart

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End of the affairs internet dating

The app did not connect to any internal or external departmental systems and there is no evidence of any data breach or use of the information put into the fake VEVO app.If you have downloaded the fake VEVO app we strongly recommend deleting it. An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or an Australian Visitor visa is not a work visa.If money is sent to the scammer, it is likely lost and will be extremely hard to recover.If this is happening to you or someone you know STOP, do not send them any money.Be wary of scammers posing as Chinese authorities and/or employees of DHL who threaten victims with deportation and/or arrest unless they pay large sums of money.The scammer’s objective is to create fear in the victim so they don’t question the story and will pay them money or give them valuable personal information.

Be aware that you are being scammed if: Be aware of fake migration agents.You are not allowed to work in Australia on an ETA or Visitor visa.If someone says you can work on an ETA or a Visitor visa, they are lying to you.Keep yourself safe by knowing the current scams and trends that we are aware of.We have been made aware of a fake ‘virtual kidnapping’ scam that is targeting the Chinese community in Australia.

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The Department is aware of individuals and agents who are attempting to organise ETAs/Visitor visas and flights to Australia for people to work illegally.

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