Drake hogestyn and deidre hall dating economic status and dating

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Drake hogestyn and deidre hall dating

Massey told Afterbuzz TV "It wasn't till later" and "I guess something that I was doing made them think, 'this guy should be gay! In June 2011, actor Freddie Smith joined the show to play Sonny Kiriakis, an openly gay character.

Will and Sonny quickly become friends, and initially, the two characters share a "bromance".

Wanting to understand, he seeks out Paul to find out how it happened...

and finds himself "super attracted" to the athletic young man.

Wilson said "the whole experience was a soap opera, because everyone knew something that someone else didn't know." Smith said the on-screen switch between Massey and Wilson would happen as quick as the news of the recast, saying, "If you blink and open your eyes, you’ll be like, 'Wait, there's a new Will?! Massey made his return in the episode of September 15, 2017.

Austin Reed, who's believed to be Will's father for the first two years of his life, is actually Will's uncle, being the half-brother of Will's true dad Lucas Horton.

he kind of had an interesting upbringing, but he turned out to be a really good kid, very forgiving." Massey added: "He doesn’t like being lied to, definitely, but that happens all the time to him. Sometimes it seems like he is the parent in the relationship" (with his mom Sami); and in January 2015, in the midst of Will and Sonny's relationship difficulties, Will breaks his marriage vows, and has sex with his interview subject, the star baseball player Paul Narita (Christopher Sean) – who turns out to be Sonny's ex, At Will's revival in 2017, Massey noted how the character had changed, saying: "He has grown up to be very much like his mother Sami, which is fun to play.Massey's portrayal is noted for Will struggling with the discovery of his sexuality, and then coming out as gay, and beginning a same-sex relationship with Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith).Massey's performance and the coming out storyline received high praise.when Will was temporarily written out (by having the character go to live with his uncle and aunt in Switzerland).In addition, for one episode in January 2008, Gerse provided Will's voice for a phonecall.

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Executive Producer Ken Corday said, "I wish he would stay.

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