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If there is a single pillar of unchallenged, conventional wisdom in education theory, it’s that parental involvement is the key to a child’s success in school.

Certainly, University of Texas professor Keith Robinson had no doubt about it when he and fellow sociologist Angel Harris decided to investigate exactly how that involvement played out.

That has to do with their effectiveness in communicating to their children how essential education is to the kids’ lives.

What’s ironic to me is that even though we went through a ton of analyses and ended up showing that most involvement was unimportant or negative, what I came away thinking was that parents actually do matter. Q: A: Yes, learning that not everything parents do is helpful for their kids.

The effects of parental involvement in schooling, write Robinson and Harris in A: I have to say I certainly was surprised, given the view of the public and the government.

It had a psychological effect on me because I understood that my education was important to him, and I trusted him. I realized that she loved me but she was not a stickler for education. All that had a positive effect—I knew they supported me in everything I did and they were proud of me when I did well educationally. I didn’t need my parents’ involvement in every aspect in my education; I was able to do well in the classroom because I had internalized the message. That one was interesting because the way parents responded to the question in the data set tended to differ across class and racial lines.I really don’t know if the public is ready for this one, but there are actually some ways parents can be involved in their kids’ education that leads to declines in their academic performance.In fact, one of the things that was consistently negative was parents’ help with homework. One thing I would speculate is that parents are probably helping the best ways they know how, but they have not located what’s most effective for their own child.What this might be hinting at is the psychological component that comes from kids internalizing your message: school is important.It may be with these conversations parents are connecting kids’ current education—whether their children are in Grade 2, Grade 3 or high school—to a future, and the children are able to see that bridge. Q: A: Reading to your child before the school years is one of those things that’s always a good idea.

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We looked at 63 measures of parental involvement that we found collectively in all the existing research, from returning calls schools made to the home to volunteering in class, and we put these to the test. Effective parental involvement might, in fact, be in reach, but we are stuck in conventional ways of thinking about parents’ roles.