Devil angels and dating

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The Shodaime who was hailed as the Kami no Shinobi had made a name for himself using only his skills as a tactician and his prowess with his Mokuton.

His father had managed to singlehandedly turn the tide of the Third Shinobi war using his two signature jutsu.

The next month was spent developing any support strengths he could use in case of emergencies.

Doing so had inadvertently unlocked his Uzumaki heritage, turning his once bright blonde hair into the signature crimson locks of the Uzumaki, though they were much darker and vibrant than most Uzumaki.

They were all able to stand on their own feet without the use of outside help.

They had all made a name for themselves and carved out a part in the history books as legends using their own two hands, their minds, and their sheer force of will.

He however kept his striking blue eyes which his mother told him fit him more.

Before she left she informed him that both she and his father had left several scrolls containing jutsus, letters, and other things in a sealing tattoo on his right shoulder. One scroll contained his mother's personal o-katana as well as a scroll detailing the basics of her style named Benihime (Crimson Princess).

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Of course those things made him a force to be reckoned with but his predecessors had needed no such things.