Dating underground tank

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Dating underground tank

If you do not have a statement that the tank did not leak than you have to answer that very important question.

If all you have is a copy of the local permit that the oil tank was removed and approved by the local township, then you STILL do not know if the tank leaked.

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Question: My oil tank was removed and I am told that I need remediation.

If samples exceed for either compound, Synthetic Precipitation Leachate Procedure (SPLP) analysis required, results to be below 390 ug/L.

If levels meet these standards, depth to groundwater to be determined.

It should be noted that the vast majority of oil tanks in the ground are not leaking, but tanks like roofs are an expendable items and require replacement.

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Soil borings also allow you to help quantify the extent of the oil in the soil b running soil samples for independent laboratory analysis.

For information can be found by clicking: Tank Testing The property I am buying has an underground heating oil tank that was decommissioned (taken out of service).

The tank is filled with sand, gravel or foam and contains no oil.

The seller has provided permits and reports from the town building inspector stating that the tank was properly abandoned and decommissioned.

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Economic issues consist of the cost and risks associated with testing, tank removal and site cleanup. Corrosion is caused by the inherent tendency of iron based metals that most all heating oil underground storage tanks are comprised of, to revert to a stable form. When and how fast steel turns to rust is dependent on a wide variety of variables such as soil moisture, p H acidity, backfill material, physical location of the tank, the thickness of the tank, amount of water in the tank, age of the tank and any scratching or damage occurring during the tank's installation. If you have an underground home heating oil tank installed at a residential property, your tank is exempt from Federal Regulations.

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