Dating type games

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Dating type games

She doesn’t necessarily hate fashion, but she doesn’t give much attention towards it.

She’s usually kind, but her studies come first – anything else comes second.

She buys clothes for completing her collection, not because she needs another pair of jeans.

Your bank account is drained quickly, and sooner or later she is going to make a quick makeover on how you dress.

This type of girl is sometimes selfish, but she is so good-looking that if you’re a girl, you want to look like her, and if you’re a guy, you want to be throwing your arms around her shoulder.

: Your parents love her, and your friends envy you for having such a beauty by your side.

However, doing categorisation is sometimes useful (or fun) to do.You need to constantly remind her that money doesn’t grow on trees.Type 2: The Playgirl Miss Playgirl has every aspect of a perfect girl.When you befriend someone, do you unconsciously categorise him or her as belonging to a group? So I begin to ask myself: what about the girls that guys date?Every girl is different, but is there any typical ‘girlfriend’ group that they belong to? Here are my 13 types of girls that guys date, and because I’m a fan of movies, for each of the type I’ll make reference to a movie character.

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