Dating sim for wii

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Making the players physical movements into the game's controller.

2006 saw the launch of Gamercize, combining traditional fitness equipment with game consoles.

Also released for the NES in 1986 was the Family Trainer, which focused on entertainment rather than exercise.

About the same time as the Computrainer, Concept II introduced a computer attachment for their rowing machine.

Virtual Racquetball tracked the position and orientation of an actual racquet that was used to hit a virtual ball in a virtual environment.

This environment was shared with another user equipped with another tracked racquet, allowing the two users to play each other over phone lines.

Second, they were harder to maintain, and were often left broken.

Exergaming contains elements that were developed in the virtual reality community during the 1980s.

The pioneer in this area was Autodesk, which developed two systems, the High Cycle and Virtual Racquetball.

This has become their e Row product and is used for both individual motivation as well as competition in "indoor rowing leagues".

During the 1990s, there was a surge of interest in the application of "virtual reality" technologies to high-end gym equipment.

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