Dating met boeddhistische vrouwen

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Dating met boeddhistische vrouwen

The MT-103 is used to send a conditional SWIFT transfer of cash funds used for fresh cut bank guarantees.

Hence settlement of payments for Bank Guarantees must be transacted through NON-Euroclear Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) procedures agreed in advance by transacting parties.

This is exactly what attracts the hoards of intermediaries and the broker chains.

Since Bank Guarantees are issued by banks to their clients for the first time (known as “fresh cut” bank guarantees in industry jargon), they do not appear on any Central Securities Depository screens such as DTC or Euroclear for screening, authentication, or settlement.

That being said, this is where informed intermediaries come into the picture arranging private buy/sell transactions between buyers and sellers for a “consulting fee” of typically 1% of the transaction amount for the buyers and sellers representatives.

When the face value of the bank guarantee is US$ 500 million in multiple tranches, the “consulting fee” for the introducing intermediaries can be a king’s ransom indeed.

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