Dating martin tenor ukulele

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Dating martin tenor ukulele

However, I have seen tuners of this exact type and engraving pattern on several late 19th and early 20th century Martins.

These are in excellent functional and cosmetic shape. #224: Late 40s/early 50s Kluson Deluxe “single line” strip tuners as found on many Gibson models from the late 40s through the 50s, these were used on the LG series, J-45, J-50 and (I think,,,) the SJ as well.

All of the sets in this list are fully functional, any shortcomings of individual sets are described fully. Contact me for pictures of sets that might interest you, but please be sure to reference the set number when emailing an inquiry..

Set 119: 1930s Waverly strip tuners for slot head guitar.

One of the ivoroid buttons has a very small crack at the base and appears to have been glued but it is solid to the shaft and functions fine. This set is brass with nickel plating, some of the plating has worn off. Set 270: 1940s Waverly individual tuners as were found on some Martin models in ’41 and ’42 then again in ’46 and ’47.The no-line variety of this tuner was in use from about 1948 to (I think) about ’51 or ’52. I don’t know if I’ve got a set of bushings for these, I will check on request.Set 318: Early 1950s 1940s Kluson deluxe strip tuners as found on Gibson J-45 and J-50 guitars, the LG series and others. The plating is in good shape, there is a little play in the gears but they seem to function well and hold tune.These are for slot head and are very similar to the brass plate Waverlys found on most Martin style 18 slot head guitars during the 20s. Set 317: : Late 1940s Kluson deluxe strip tuners as found on Gibson J-45 and J-50 guitars, the LG series and others.This set is the “no line” variety, meaning that they have no Kluson marking on the gear cover, neither do these have any patent marking. The plating shows minor pitting and very light corrosion but it is superficial and the tuners function well.

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