Dating lines decoded

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Dating lines decoded

A call from me would have brightened her day to such an extent, I can’t write about it anymore because I’m crying my eyes out.

PMS has never and will never be a platform for how much Natasha Adamo has been wronged, heartbroken and hurt in her relationships and life.The common denominator of a genuine apology is empathy.You will never know how to apologize without truly putting yourself in the other person’s shoes.Once again, thank you for putting this article out there. 🙂This was the best birthday gift to wake up to, whether you knew it or not. Some of these lines will be my affirmations I write down every day.Love you Natasha and the strength you show by being honest and vulnerable to all of us. I cannot be thankful enough for your posts, Natasha. Funny enough, I have just received an ‘apology’ letter from my ex this weekend.

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While your previous articles have helped me a lot, this article in particular is now my all time favourite and one that I plan to re-read again and again.