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But more noticeably, it’s as physically dark as an early David Fincher movie, and it carries the same level of ominous weight.It’s a series meant to be watched late at night, with the lights off, experienced like a ghost story around a campfire that’s burning down to its final embers.”, crosses out the first word and rewrites the headline as “When is Mikkel?” The answer to that first mystery comes by the series’ third episode, and it raises even more questions — about time travel, official and unofficial cover-ups, and the roles of various authority figures and outsiders.While they will have no chance of seeing each other in the light, they will have the opportunity to date in a completely dar...k room.Looks will be taken out of the equation as the men and women get to know each other and form bonds in total darkness.

Winden feels a bit like a soap opera in progress, full of secrets and lies.

And after they see each other in the light for the first time, they have to make the difficult decision..they stay with the person they fell for in the dark, or leave them behind?

Episode Summary: The contestants will each be given an article of clothing which one of their dates (in the dark) were wearing.

While they’re out there, Ulrich’s youngest, Mikkel (Daan Lennard Liebrenz) also disappears, leading the police to wonder whether someone is targeting local youths.

But the disappearances coincide with weird phenomena: animals dropping dead, lights wildly flickering and flashing.

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Some of the town’s older residents, including Mikkel’s grandmother, mutter about how the new disappearances recall older ones from when they were younger.