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Their allegations state that the 'inappropriate relationship' unfolded between March 2015 and August 2015.

Lynsey Muir, a PE teacher at Largs Academy since 2001, told the panel she ran into Mr Dunsmuir and a group of pupils at the Lounge public house in Largs.'Gavin came into the pub with [Ms Reid] and several other pupils.

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Traditionally meeting singles in Scotland in the local bars or clubs was the way of finding relationships that may lead to love but with more and more people leading busier lives many are turning to online dating in Scotland.The 46-year-old was teaching at Largs Academy in North Ayrshire where Ms Reid, now 20, was attending when the alleged relationship began.Mr Dunsmuir was a mentor to Ms Reid at the school from when she started in first year, aged 12, and things were said to have developed from there.He was best friends with Gavin during their time at the school together, and even attended his wedding.'I felt [Ms Reid] and Gavin developed a relationship.I saw them on exam day, she had been at his house but I didn't ask why,' he said.'I recall him saying the pupil went as a surprise for his daughter.'[Ms Reid] got on well with his daughter. I recall saying to Gavin not to get too close.'Mr Leishman said his friend told him she had issues and he knew not to get too close.'I asked Gavin if anything was going on and he said "no",' he told the panel.

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