Dating humboldt

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Dating humboldt

The Blombos Cave project has since then developed academically, economically and administratively; from being a local and small-scale test excavation to becoming an international, full scale, high-technological archaeological project.

In 2010–2015 the cave site is the focus of the multi-disciplinary, pan-continental research program TRACSYMBOLS.

Calcium carbonate (Ca CO3) rich ground water seeps in from the cave roof and percolates through the interior sediments, resulting in an alkaline environment with good preservation conditions.

The excavated Middle Stone Age deposit in Blombos Cave consists of aeolian (wind-borne) dune sand, blown in through the cave entrance, and roof spall from the cave ceiling.

Intermixed with these sandy matrixes are decomposed marine and terrestrial faunal remains (fish, shell fish, egg shell and animal bones) and organic material When the excavation started at Blombos Cave in 1992 the cave entrance was partially sealed by dune sand, and about 20 cm of sterile Aeolian deposit covered the interior Later Stone Age deposit.

Underneath the aeolian sand surface, seven main phases of occupation have been identified in the 2.5-3 meter deep Blombos Cave stratigraphic sequence; three in the Later Stone Age (L1-L3) and four in the Middle Stone Age (M1, Upper M2, Lower M2 and M3).

While Henshilwood’s initial, doctoral research was directed towards the more recent Later Stone Age occupation levels, the focus since 1997 has been on the Middle Stone Age sequence.

On Heritage Western Cape formally protected the site as a provincial heritage site.

at the University of Cambridge: Holocene archaeology of the coastal Garcia State Forest, southern Cape, South Africa.

Blombos Cave is an archaeological site located in Blombosfontein Nature Reserve, about 300 km east of Cape Town on the Southern Cape coastline, South Africa.

The cave contains Middle Stone Age (MSA) deposits currently dated at between c.

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