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Hasse Bruniusson has many influences and favourite bands and musicians, including: Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Magma, Yes, David Thorn and avant-garde, free form and electronic music in general..

Bruniusson's solo music is always challenging and humorous in his own laconic and unique style and he has unbound energy and intuitiveness.

It is here the fan of classic progressive rock will feel most at home.

The simple folkloric elements, even though beautifully executed, might dampen the enthusiasm of those who are looking to listen to a full blown progressive-rock journey.

Fish Anime-Gyarados-sized, so it’s worth remembering that an in-game Gyarados is supposed to be 21 feet long and weigh about 520lbs, ie, slightly larger than an average adult anaconda.

Expect highly accomplished musicianship, a great variety of approaches to composition and a good sense of humor.

Roine Stolt's guitar playing sticks out and gives this record a collaborative sound, lending Hasse Bruniusson's compositions some The Flower Kings edge on the way.

The vibraphone passages on 'Erfarenhelt Von Panopticon' and 'Collect Relapses' occur in unison with guitar and will surely spark a fire with every 'Inca Roads' devotee.

He has had a very long career, dating back to the mid-1960s and has been a member of many well-respected bands, including Samla Mammas Manna, Ensemble Nimbus and The Flower Kings.

Starting his professional music career with pop-group OBJECTIONS in the mid-1960s, Hasse Bruniusson then discovered jazz and would later go on to form avant-garde and progressive rock band SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA in 1969 along with Lars Kranz (also of Objections), Lars Hollmer and Henrik Ahberg.

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His compositions are mainly instrumental and tend to lean toward a more humorous and ironic character, yet remain very sophisticated musically and instrumentally, a description quite fitting to Frank Zappa's body of work as well.

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