Dating early american pottery how to backup bios before updating

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Dating early american pottery

Take a look at the marks on this Rum Rill console bowl (right).

It is that combination of details that help the pottery enthusiast to determine the maker.

This is probably most evident in There are some contemporary studio potters making glazes with large crystal formations in the glaze – but these early production works were small crystals.

Note how large the crystals in this glaze (left) are — this is a contemporary piece.

This article is about the identification of American pottery by the bottom, and it is not my intent to vary from that topic much, but it is difficult to look at the bottoms and not see the tops–so a comment on glaze seems essential here.

Once the clay color has been examined, the weight of the pot has been considered, and it has been determined to likely be an American pottery, then a cursory glance at the glaze may help with certain identification.

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Here's a good example of the American Bisque wedge foot (right).

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