Dating cat and mouse

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Dating cat and mouse

Joe and Kelsie were having sex and Joe snuck over to Kelsie one day, they got caught and their parents forbid them to see each other.3.

Kelsie moved away, it’s now the summer and I run into Joe at the fair, we agree to sneak out together that night and talk.

In classical game theory, cat and mouse classifies as a "copycat" archetype whereby there exists no equilibrium, and most importantly, no endgame, its two protagonists, Dot and Ditto, running amok in their game space to infinity, with no endpoint to their game anywhere in site attributable to a defective reward system; conflicting incentives.

Theoretical active reading on "cat and mouse," or "Dot and Ditto" is ominous in its implication; multiple protagonists, each armed a passive strategy, can remain theoretically locked in total perpetual war indefinitely, wholly unable to rise to a plateau sufficient to intellectualize their plight.

The term is derived from the hunting behavior of domestic cats, which often appear to "play" with prey by releasing it after capture.

We hang out like this 3 more times, each time he presses to have sex more and more, I always shoot him down.5.And then there are those dates which went really well The ones where you can’t stop smiling, and you’re thinking about the girl or guy just as much … And trust me, you’re great, and you deserve someone is genuinely excited by you.Not someone who needs to be coaxed, cajoled or flirted into a second date.The "cat" is unable to secure a definitive victory over the "mouse", who despite not being able to defeat the cat, is able to avoid capture.In extreme cases, the idiom may imply that the contest is never-ending.

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and then back away just as quickly – one big game of cat and mouse. it all reminds me of some elaborate, old-fashioned dance.