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Dating age of cigarettes

This is one of the reasons smoking is still popular in high-risk professions, like the military, or convenience store cashiers.

While this trope is dying away as smoking becomes less socially acceptable, it's notable enough in older media.

The pair were caught following an investigation by the Torfaen and Blaenau Gwent joint trading standards team.

Kadir, of Pisgah Close, in Talywain, Pontypool, pleaded guilty to offences under the Trade Marks Act 1994 at Newport Magistrates Court on October 27 2017.

Nowadays pipes denote old codgers or homages to Sherlock Holmes.

Councillor Fiona Cross, who is the executive member for public protection for Torfaen County Borough Council, warned of the dangers of counterfeit cigarettes.

Basically, the non-smoker was thought to be no fun at all, and (unless they're a youngish Purity Sue) socially transgressive in some way.

The message was that most non-smokers were weirdos you didn't want to know, which might be part of the reason why people of that generation refused to believe the Surgeon General for so long.

There may be a pragmatic element to this trope, given the predicted lifespans of most people in badass professions.

The prospect of dying of lung cancer in twenty years loses much of its sting when there's a real chance of dying of high-velocity lead poisoning tomorrow.

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Cigarettes are smoked by the typical cool badasses.

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