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Damon albarn dating

Although he is impetuous and easily provoked (as mentioned above), Damon Albarn also has a good-natured, live-and-let-live attitude and a sense of humor, which balances it all out.

While hotheaded at times, he is usually a good sport.

He is very affectionate in his relationships and tends to form deep attachments with other people.

Damon Albarn may also enjoy contacts with the arts and may join associations that are connected with artistic events or cultural exchanges.

He is prone to be overly indulgent, overly permissive, overly generous and disinclined to budget or diet or set reasonable limits for himself or others.

Subconsciously Damon Albarn feels entitled to bounty, and sees no reason to be deprived.

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Damon Albarn becomes very irritable and bad-tempered if he lacks vigorous physical activity or other outlets for his aggressive, feisty spirit.

He is especially uncomfortable with emotional dependency, and tells himself and others (even children) not to be a "baby".

Damon Albarn needs to accept that no one is self-sufficient all the time, and to be gentler with his "childish" emotional needs and wants.

Moreover, Damon Albarn feels love and kinship for people everywhere, not only for his own family, nationality, or group.

Finding similarities and making links between people from differing backgrounds or with different perspectives is a gift of his.

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To others, he may appear to be rather hard-nosed and tough, with a businesslike attitude toward their personal concerns and feelings. His feelings and loyalties run deep, but he often does not let people know how much he cares.