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Cultural dating practices

The taboo against eating red berries quickly spreads throughout the culture. If one person decides not to marry in the usual way, it doesn’t necessarily hurt that person. So I interpret it as a different claim: a culture that allows gay marriage will, for various reasons, become weak and unsuccessful.

Then it will be crushed by other cultures, either militarily, economically, or in a sort of marketplace of ideas where people convert to or assimilate into the other culture because it’s more attractive and successful.

The Central Inuit have lived around King William Island for at least 700 years. Nonetheless, the British explorers starved because they did not have the necessary local knowledge, and despite being endowed with the same cognitive abilities as the Inuit, and having two years to use these abilities, failed to learn the skills necessary to subsist in this habitat.

How much advantage can an individual cultural trait confer? Compare Judeo-Christian attitudes about sex to Greco-Roman attitudes about sex.

One might argue that the Judeo-Christian attitudes are superior, since Christianity did eventually take over Rome.

The Franklin Expedition of 1846 illustrates this point.

Sir John Franklin, a Fellow of the Royal Society and an experienced Arctic traveler, set out to find the Northwest Passage, and spent two ice-bound winters in the Arctic, the second on King William Island.

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The difference between the obvious Inuit form of cultural evolution and the non-obvious marriage form is that of within-culture versus between-cultures evolution.