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Each theme answer is a common word or phrase with AT appended at the end. What I didn’t know before I did this puzzle: that most elements ending in -ium are METALS. I suppose I would have realized it if I’d ever thought about it, and David (who memorized the periodic table in high school because he’s just that kind of nerd) was surprised that I didn’t know. It's got a good picture of Olivia De Havilland with an eye patch, argh, but nothing to do with pirates..

Mother Wore Tights (1947) Quad Betty Grable * Dan Dailey * Mona Freeman * Connie Marshall * Vanessa Brown * Robert Arthur * Sara Allgood * William Frawley According to the poster, mother wore a lot of kitty's...yes, I think there is a joke in there Mrs Slocombe would be proud of, but I can't be bothered.

Moving on to the fill: SEAT MATE, ESCAPADE, OUTHOUSE, and IN DENIAL are all strong. ” In the “questionable” column: 28a IFA could be replaced by ANA (making A FEW into ANEW).

As an English major, I should know ZEUGMA (5d [Figure of speech exemplified by “You held your breath and the door for me”]), but I confess I don’t.

The most recent one was in the LAT in 2011 and shares the entries TEA SQUARE and EWE BOAT. His stories were compulsory reading for me in high school.

We’ve seen original, creative stuff from Alex, but just not today.

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  1. Ultimately it’s up to a person if they get a tattoo or not but so many people get the SC tattoo for the wrong reason and they think it makes them cool even though it’s unoriginal and kind of an uninteresting design.