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The path then runs past the mountains of Poppenberg (745.5 m) and Bremberg (809 m) to the Kahler Asten (841.9 m), on which the Asten Tower (an observation tower) and e. the source of the river Lenne may be found (819 m).From the Lenne spring the Rothaarsteig runs by the high villages of Lenneplätze, Neuastenberg, Langewiese and Hoheleye to Albrechtsplatz (728.6 m) and past the source of the Friede (740 m; a tributary of the Odeborn) to the Heidenstock (752.2 m).Every October the Rothaarsteig Marathon starts in Fleckenberg and involves runners climbing a height difference of 838 metres, the first marathon took place in 2003.In addition to the full marathon distance, a half-marathon is also run.The walking trail then runs over the Langenberg (843.2 m), the highest point in North Rhine-Westphalia, and through the Neuer Hagen nature reserve, whereby it runs past the source of the Hoppecke (785 m) up the Clemensberg (839.2 m) and past the Hillekopf (804.9 m) to the northeast.The route then continues on to the Küstelberg (666.1 m; which is the source of the river Orke) to the Wagenschmier quarry (645 m), then past the source of the Ruhr (666.5 m) on the Ruhrkopf (695.7 m) and on in a southwesterly direction to Winterberg (670 m), where it passes the southern portal of the Herrloh Tunnel at Herrloh (732,9 m), 200 m southeast of the St.-Georg-Schanze.The 154.80 kilometre long main trail of the Rothaarsteig runs over mountains, past springs and natural and cultural monuments and through nature reserves.

It then runs over the Jagdberg (675.9 m), along a section of the border with the neighbouring state of Hesse and past the Kaffeebuche natural monument (590 m) to the source of the Dill (560 m) which lies in Hesse on the Haincher Höhe (606 m).Passing over the Tiefenrother Höhe (551 m) near Wilgersdorf on the state border and then the eastern subpeak of the Kalteiche (579,3 m), where the trail bends southeast to the Lucaseiche natural monument (440 m), the Rothaarsteig finally reaches Hesse.Through Rodenbach (310 m), north of Haiger, it continues to Manderbach (305 m), north of Dillenburg, and over the Dillenburg Galgenberg (302 m), running past the Wilhelm Tower (260 m) before finally ending in Dillenburg (233 m).The Rothaarsteig runs through or past the following towns and villages (in alphabetical order): The use of the Rothaarsteig by bicycle is problematic but possible, the gradients reach 15 % in many places.In addition there are stretches that have been damaged or turned to mud by forestry vehicles.


The Rothaarsteig is a 154.80 km long hiking trail along the crest of the Rothaargebirge mountain range in Germany in the border region between the states of North Rhine-Westphalia (NW) and Hesse (HE). The main route of the Rothaarsteig trail runs from Brilon (NW), mainly in a southerly direction over the Kahler Asten (NW) to Dillenburg (HE).