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This is needed as the ADC10 value is reference to 000 degrees and not that of the ADC10 = 0.Where the heading is above 360 or ends up below 000 degrees, which can happen when converting the ADC10 value to a heading, then we change the degree sign to a ‘ ’ or a ‘-‘ to show but we limit the heading to a maximum of 360 or a minimum of 000 degrees.The diagram in the Original Schematic section above shows there are 2 transformers in the housing, one is the Power Transformer and the other is for the Meter.The meter one is 26v AC which after regulating is 36.7v DC.Like many of my other projects I simplify the LCD control by using a Wulfen K107 LCD controller, the main reason is this also provides easy serial input for what to show on the LCD including a method of producing digits 4 rows high. Here are the 2, the left was made first, he right after.The Wulfden board requires no additional components, only some links, if bought as a kit (micro pcb) and no special features of it is needed, i.e. It connects to the back of the LCD and requires 5v (red wire), 0v (black wire) and Serial In (white wire). If you remove my use of Molex connections on the control board itself you can see how few components are actually needed.Now ADC10 has a maximum value of 1024 so my lazy fix is to put another variable resistor inline with the front panel one, in the 5v line, and adjust the 2nd pot so that with the first pot at the 360 degree position the ADC10 value is 720.Without this I would need to do a calculation to convert an ADC10 1024 value to 360 degrees.

The MINOffset in the code above is the ADC10 value when the rotator is facing 000 degrees.The rotator controller before modification is quite robust, other than the south stop and thermal cutout (which I’ll keep) it’s a good rotator controller but after using controllers which have pre-set controls, that is the ability to select a heading and look away and let the controller goto that heading is very useful.Like most rotators the feedback pot is wired such that it’s not easy to retrofit a controller, it’s possible but not easy.An ADC10 value of 1024 over 5v means each change of 0.0048v is the difference between 2 ADC10 values, as we divide by 2 there is a chance the pre-set pot position ends up on a odd number and flick between 2 degree values, that is if the ADC10 is 701 then this could be converted to 350 or 351.This change could trigger the code to start tracking to the pre-set value which would not be desirable.

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