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Guys also hold back on their true personality because they're scared that if they reveal who they really are, they'll ruin any attraction they've built with a woman. This was the secret that took me YEARS to discover, and when I did, I grabbed it and ran with it, and it has made ALL the difference in my success with women.Now, you know I hate that annoying psycho-babble about getting in touch with your inner child, or hashing out all your issues in therapy for the rest of your life. When I made a firm commitment to being the best I could be, and understanding that envying and wanting to be someone else only made me unhappy and kept me from achieving my goals, THAT is when my life changed.(This is something you've probably suspected for a while.) And it's not the women you ought to be chasing, as you'll soon see. I detail how women work completely in my e-book, and you'll feel like you've been woken from a dream when you understand the Truth about women. Stay on this newsletter (and listen to the Podcast) to keep getting the positive reinforcement you need.He doesn't know how to stay motivated when it comes to going out and meeting women, or practicing his "game." Someone once asked me, "Hey, I read your Dating Black Book, and now I'm SO motivated to go out there and meet women. But you'll soon lose that motivation if you don't get out there and USE the information. back from getting the success they desire with women. It's very simple, and it's the biggest factor in whether or not a woman will trust you in those critical first few minutes of meeting you. It's this: Men are holding themselves back by not allowing their REAL personality to come out. He's the guy who doesn't say much, and might even appear a bit dull on the surface.

I'm not talking about all the technical skills, but they have the After all, only about 1 man in 10 will be successful with women to the degree that he desires. Ego is necessary for a guy to do the things he has to do.

Remember, success isn't a pie with only a few slices.

It's an infinite feast where the more food you have, the more appears on the table.

A lot of guys will tell you what they think is the "secret" to attracting women, but almost NONE of them really know it. The "Secret" to attracting hot women is to be pursuing your own passions - and then communicating this passion to the outside world.

When you're on your way somewhere in life, women will want to come along for the ride.

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These guys are really sending a message to their sub-conscious minds that they aren't worth spending a few bucks to improve themselves.

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  2. Our professional introduction agency was set up in 1985 by Alun Jenkins (see "who are we above"), who still interviews most members We were featured exclusively in a 6 week documentary on BBC 1 about high calibre dating called "The Matchmaker".