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For example, if the last four digits of the DOT code are 0203, that means that the tire was manufactured during the second week of the year 2003. However…if your tires were made before 2000, it gets a bit more complicated.The date of manufacture is the last three digits of the code.The Carlisle Fairway Pro is an excellent value providing long hours of dependable performance on the course.

According to the ad, the plant features 382,265 square feet between the main building and other structures on 12 acres of land. Towards the end of a 400 mile trip one of my trailer tires blew.It looked like tread came off and the tire then blew.Most tire manufacturers' warranties cover the tires for four years from the date of purchase, or five years from the week that the tires were manufactured.If you lose your sales receipt, you could actually limit your warranty coverage.

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Here's an example: If you purchased new tires today, but they were manufactured two years ago, your warranty would cover four years from todays date, since that is your date of purchase.

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