Cambridge ma dating sites

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Cambridge ma dating sites

AFTER Judith Himber’s husband died in 2010, she didn’t know what to do with herself. Himber, 73, who works full time as a clinical psychologist in Cambridge, Mass.She was not sure if she would ever want another relationship; her marriage had been long and happy.Schwartz, adding that few get offended because they’re mostly all in the same position.Jerry Slutzky, 61, an estate planning lawyer and certified financial planner in Tampa, Fla., was divorced for 17 years when he called Nancy H. He had gone the online route but wanted real-world support. Wall, whose fees range from nothing to ,000 a year, depending on her level of involvement, spent nearly two hours discussing what he was looking for.She introduced him to about 10 women, whom he initially met at a Starbucks or Panera Bread for a 15-minute introduction.Only two of the women were on dating websites.“These were women I would never have had an opportunity to meet,” he said.

Unlike younger daters, who are versed in the special etiquette of digital romance, many older people struggle with it.But they’re also willing to compromise on what they want.“Many women are much more likely to be happy with a guy who has less money, or even less education, than they would have in their 20s or 30s,” said John Holt, a Rhode Island-based matchmaker who has been running his company, Tri-State Dating Service, for 21 years.“They want companionship.”Indeed, companionship is among the top reasons both men and women over 60 seek love, according to research conducted by AARP on what older singles want.In contrast, most of those 50 to 59 were looking for a serious relationship.

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Many also worry about protecting their children’s inheritance, which marrying could seriously compromise.