Cacti graphs not updating after upgrade dating for bigger women

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Cacti graphs not updating after upgrade

From I can see that CMDPHP is polling in the 5 minute interval as it is used to.

The cronjob calls the cacti poller to start performing it's polling cycle.

A lot of SQL and some rrd graphing: The date on the graph doesn't really mean anything, as its just generated on the fly by rrdtool.

What is imporant is in the DEBUG log whether the scripts are returning data (anything but "U"), and if the "last modified" dates on the actual RRD files themselves are being updated.

If that worked then you should change the command from snmpwalk to snmpget and the OID to the actual OID you're trying to poll and retry.

You can further check issues as such by manually polling the specific OID on that host: You can use the above command and OID ( just to see if you're getting a reply.

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This is mainly caused by someone changing the poller interval on the settings page. If your RRD has a step of 1 minute, and your first RRA has a consolidated count of 1 (1cdp=1pdp), then you should collect data for at least (step x ( count 1 )) seconds before you expect to see any data in the graph.

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