Better online dating profiles

Posted by / 21-Jan-2020 16:12

Better online dating profiles

“AI Online Dating Profile Upgrade” is an app that analyzes your picture and gives feedback so that you’ll have a greater chance of being paired with someone that you’ll actually like. According to Ok Cupid, now is the time to get back on that app!

Late December through Valentine’s Day is peak online dating season, and if you’re among the 60% of singles that uses an app, you might want to update your profile (#newyearnewyou).

As it turns out, mentioning food on your profile makes you more likeable. The dating site said that it discovered that talking about food in your profile "makes you more attractive" but with the caveat that only certain foods will make you popular.

Turns out that if you like-slash-mention the smooshed avocado dish, you are likely to see a 144 percent increase in inbound messages over the average profile (who we're guessing don't mention food). Should you think, 'Whoa, maybe they mean fries, not potatoes.' No.

What other foods should you mention in your profile according to Zoosk?

), these qualities can make or break the first impression. These easy-to-fix mistakes make online dating harder than it should be. It’s built on Ruby on Rails, hosted on Heroku, with a lot of the image rating done via Clarifai.

A lot is going on, so we have to send the report to your email address once it’s ready. Click here and then log in to your online dating platform (it works with Tinder and Ok Cupid, with Bumble coming soon).

Turns out, however, that people are avoiding buffalo wings or ribs (23 percent), Indian food (15 percent) and the nebulous "hard to pronounce food" (12 percent).

If it feels like you’re putting in a lot of swiping to get one good date, it might be because of your profile picture.

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So while they flounder at conversation with the first guy they swiped right on – Daniel, 33, beer mat collector – we are sailing past them stealing their future husbands.