Bach trombone serial number dating chart

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Bach trombone serial number dating chart

(seen with one on photos)C trumpet: Selmer Radial C75 (heavy wall)D trumpet: Benge #2983 .460 bore (bought from R. For Rock and stuff requiring a real bright tone, a Gold Plated Selmer Claude Gordon Model Flgelhorn: Gold Plated Yamaha YFH-631Piccolo Trumpet: Schilke P5-4C Trumpet: Bach C Large Bore with 229 Bell & 25H Leadpipe Eb Trumpet: Schilke E3L-4Bb Rotary Trumpet: Monke C Rotary Trumpet: Monke Shows and most playing: Kanstul copy of a Bach Mt Vernon 3C with a #24 Throat Lead and intense show: Bob Reeves 43C / 43MOrchestral: Bach Mt Vernon 3C Rim made by Karl Hammond mated to an Underpart made by Bob Reeves that's a larger diameter version of the CG Personal (about the size of a Bach 1-1/2B) with a #22 Throat and a large, Symphonic style Backbore.

Schilke in 1953)Piccolo trumpet: Selmer 30s Martin Imperial trumpet (previously used by his dad)70s Bach model 37 trumpet(s),60s Triebert Flugel,83-ish Warburton modular trpt with 3 interchangeable bells,70s Bach model 37 long model cornet, previously owned and played by Ruby Braff,22 Conn Victor 80A cornet,94 to present--Bob De Nicola Puje trumpets and cornets (main ax),61 Martin Committee Deluxe,31 Olds French Model trumpet, Bb: Bach Stradivarius 180M43 with 6 leadpipe (for most playing situations)Bb: Bach Stradivarius 180ML37Bb: French Besson Brevete (circa 1950s)C: Bach C (239 bell, 25H leadpipe)D/Eb: Bach 189Cornet: Bach 184Flugelhorn: Couesnon (circa 1925) Now: Martin Committee Before: Lawler, Schilke, Callichio, Olds Clark Terry, Monette 994WJ (designed just for him), Selmer Grand Prix (pre 1950), Monette MF model (Maynards personal horn) given to him by Monette Bb trumpet: Medium bore Bach Strad., 72 Bell, Monettelead-pipe, mount Vernon valve guides C trumpet: Large bore Bach Strad 239 bell, valve alignment. Trumpet: Yamaha James Morrison Model YTR-6335J11, Firebird Trumpet, Holton ST303Flugelhorn: Yamaha, Thomas Inderbinen Wood Model Midi Trumpet: MDT (Morrison Digital Trumpet) Now: Schagerl brass instruments (see link in Morrisons webpage for more) Conn Director (before emigrating to US.)Bach Stradivarius (probably 72), Conn Connstellation (1961), Yamaha YTR-9335 VS (Allen Vizzutti model Zeno), Conn Connstellation, Now: Blessing BTR-1580SGetzen four valve flugelhorn Bb: Bach 37/Bob Malone M2 (Symhonic)Calicchio L-S1/7 Rosebell(1974) (Lead / Big Band)Getzen model "Severinsen" (1969) (Popular music)Schilke X3 - (with Swinging Brass)C: Edwards Gen.

Monke screw-rim mouthpiece without number, Low F: various mouthpieces, for low D a huge original mouthpiece similar in size to baritone horn mouthpiece, Piccolo: wooden mouthpiece made by Jrg Richter, rim size somewhat like Bach 7D,wooden mouthpiece made by Jrg Richter, cornet shank, copy of Bach 1 C, Nat.: various copies of original mouthpieces, Bar.: wooden Baroque mouthpiece made by Jrg Richter, copy of Egger S-7, Flugel: Courtois mouthpiece no.

4Cornet: accompanying mouthpiece without marking or number, Boston Musical Instrument Manufactory mouthpiece without number Mid to late 1950s Burbank Benge/Gold Serial # 3603Info from Valdo Herby: He could not have played a 1951 Burbank Benge!

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

His first cornet: simply marked "Made in Austria" (probably made in Boehmen)Tonk cornet/Chicago on the riverboats.

Bb: Bach Mount Vernon (-63 long leadpipe) C: Bach- Laskey ( Copy of the old Chicago MV C trumpets) Eb: Yamaha 963G Piccolo: Scherzer Rotary: Lechner Bb and C Commercial: Yamaha Bobby Shew Bb Cornet: Yamaha D.

King Goldbrass Flugelhorn: Yamaha old model Bb and C: Bach copy from Mount Vernon 3Eb: Yamaha custom based on MV 3 24 backbore Piccolo: Schilke 11c with Bach 6 rim.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

Elden Benge moved to Burbank in August 1953.(He brought with him tons of ready-made bells from his brass works in Chicago) Trumpets:1951 A beat up old loaner cornet from school.1952-56 Olds Ambassador1957-60 Olds Mendez1961-65 Conn Constellation (Large bore Bach for a very short time.)1966-69 Conn Constellation, Getzen Severinsen Model1970-71 Schilke B-6, Martin Committee1971-80 Conn 8B, Conn Director, prototype Conn MV (never put out)1981-92 Schilke S-321993-2005 Yamaha Custom, Yamaha 6340, Yamaha 6335HSMV2005 - Getzen 3001 MV Artist Model Flugelhorns:1959-73 Olds1973-78 Conn (made in Switzerland)1978-80 Yamaha (intermediate)1981-92 Cuesnon1992-2005 Yamaha 6312005 - Getzen 3895 (prototype with a gold brass bell) Bb rotary: Schagerl Classic, Monke Medium-Large, C rotary: Schagerl Vienna, Lechner, Kuhn Konzert, C: Monette #61 - 1989, D/Eb: Schilke E3L, R.

Kuhn A/Bb piccolo: Shilke P5-4, A piccolo: Zirnbauerflugel: Mellissa by M.

His colleague Frank Holton started his own company, made the H. model which Clarke (and Joe Oliver) used Selmer, Holton Galaxy trumpet, Holton B-47, H. White King Liberty trumpet, Blessing Super 1938, French Besson Meha (1940s-50s), Selmer K-Modified (1950s-60s)Getzen Eterna Doc Severinsen (last part of his life) Bb trumpet: YTR 8310Z Custom, YTR 8335S Xeno, YTR 936GS Rotary C trumpet: YTR 9445 CHS Artist Model, YTR 964GS Rotary Eb/ D trumpet: YTR 9610 Custom, YTR 9630 Custom Piccolo trumpet: YTR 9830 Custom, YTR 9820 Custom Flugelhorn: YFH 631GCornet: YCR 6330II Started on a Selmer Grand Prix, FA Reynolds (seen on photos with one), Martin Committee, French Besson Brevete, Vega power model, Martin Imperial, Martin Magna Flugelhorn: Olds Super Martin, Martin Magna (Fat Girl) Bb trumpet: Yamaha YTR 6335HGC trumpet: Yamaha YTR 6445HG S D trumpet: Yamaha YTR 751Eb trumpet: Yamaha YTR 9350F-G trumpet: Schilke G1Bb cornet: Yamaha YCR 6330C cornet: Getzen Eterna Flugelhorn: Yamaha YFH 6310ZCurrently: Schilke custom (paper thin alloy) First instruments, trumpets with rotary valves; A rotary-valved cornet by Alexander, Selmer K Modified (60 and 70ies), Benge (gift from Vladimir Drucker, 1.

trumpet Los Angeles Philharmonic)Occasionally a Schilke C trumpet.

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D/Eb trumpet: Geten Eterna E/F trumpet: Besson (English)A/Bb piccolo trumpet: Courtois (Paris) Cornets: Getzen Eterna in A, Bb, and Eb Monette 900 series cornet Bach cornet (early in his life), French Bessons, Conn, Le Blanc, Olds, Selmer (K-modified model). X Leadpipe D3 - Bell XC21CYamaha 6445HGS Mark II - Malone C1 Eb: Selmer 365Picc: Schilke P5-4, Selmer(1969), Amrein "Meisterserie"Flgh.: Yamaha "B.

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