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This transmission of Coucy suggests that the domaine may have been Adas dowry, possibly inherited from her mother about whom nothing is known apart from her name.

After the descendants of Enguerrand [I] lost the county of Amiens, they retained Coucy which was one of their principle remaining territorial holdings (see Part C).

In 931, the town and county were captured by Hribert [II] Comte de Vermandois, and for several decades became the focus of disputes between the kings of France, the counts of Vermandois, and the bishops of Laon. The necrology of the abbey of Saint-Denis records the death "II Id Jul" of "Alerannus comes" . Barthlemy Bishop of Laon confirmed that Elbertus et noster vice dominus donated partem...silve Aurigniaci to Foigny, with the consent of filii sui Willelmi et filiarum suarum Gisle et Dode..Guidonis de Guisia, by undated charter, dated to after 1115, daughter of --- (-before 1116).

[II] [Aleran], son of [ADELRAMN [I] & his wife ---] (-14 Jul, after 885). The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. Barthlemy Bishop of Laon recorded that Heluidis..Iberti vicedomini donated alodium..villa...

The Vita Sancti Arnulfi Suessionensis Episcopi records that "vir nobilis, militi actibus implicitus Guido" married "uxorem Ermengardem" and records that "Albricus frater eius, Cotidiaci dominus" was captured and expelled "per consilium su coniugis Avelin" (-after ). "Villermi vicecomitis de Couciaco" witnessed the charter dated under which Henri I King of France donated the churches in "villa Carcrisia Corciaci atque Colomell Colisiaci Bruelii atque Nantoilo" to Notre-Dame de Soissons.

Oidelam, obtained vicedominatus and confirmed the donation, by charter dated 1116 .

records "Agnes uxor domini Ingelranni de Cociaco" as daughter of "domina de Baugenciaco primogenita [comitis Hugonis li Maines]" and as mother of "domini Radulphi de Cociaco, et de eodem Radulfo Ingelrannus de Cociaco, nunc vivens".

"Radulphus Cociaci et Marl dominus Engelranni filius" donated property to Saint-Denis, for the souls of "me, Agnetis uxoris me" and especially for the soul of "fratris mei Engelranni" who was buried in the abbey, by charter dated 1174.

No further reference to a vicomte de Coucy has been found after 1057.

Some time in the 1080s, Aubry lost his seigneurie to Enguerrrand [I] Seigneur de Boves Comte d Amiens, the second husband of Ada de Marle who had been Aubrys first wife.

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, son of Ives [I] Comte de Beaumont & his wife Emma ---.

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