Arielle kebbel she dating

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Arielle kebbel she dating

THR: Switching gears a moment to Lexi dropped by Mystic Falls in an episode last season. My goal is to continue doing that for as long as the opportunity is possible. Kebbel: The thing about Lexi is I love her one-liners.

One of my favorite moments was the Lexi-Stefan hug this past season when they were reunited.

THR: Will the show kind of, you know revisit certain contestants?

Kebbel: Oh, trust me, I already have a whole list of things I want to do for season two. When the contestant gets the snip, they hang out in the losers’ lounge, so they’re still on stage. They’re making their own comments, yelling, hooting and howling.

That goes into them walking down the street walking and talking; you see the friendship and the love and support and the joy between the two of them in that quick moment.

That’s all you need sometimes is a reminder of how special certain relationships are.

She played a main role in the drama series 'Life Unexpected'.

Even the contestants who didn't win, as soon as the show ended, the most compatible people would find each other on stage and start talking.

She has played several important roles on the big screen as well.

She portrayed main roles in the comedy film 'The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best' and the teen romantic comedy 'John Tucker Must Die'.

Her first significant role was in the comedy drama TV series 'Gilmore Girls'.

Kebbel is also known for her recurring role in the popular TV series 'The Vampire Diaries' which was about a teenage girl who falls in love with a much older vampire.

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