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Anotherfriend dating site reviews

I was on the site less than 48 hours and was suddenly and without notice taken off the site. My communication with other members on the site reflected my Christian values and I was taken off the site without explanation. If it says self employer or entrepreneur it's a scam and they're going to want to talk to you immediately off the site, they're going to hit you up for money.I realize that these accounts can be hijacked and used by others in order to scam other members but if this happened, I should have at least been told by that this had happened but they would not even investigate the matter and give me some sort of explanation. Bottom line, I am extremely disappointed with my experience on this site and I would not recommend it to anyone with breath in their body. Firstly, the site is full of fake profiles that waste your time. Less than 48 hours later I only got 3 emails and sent 1 out. I've received so many emails stating that they found their match, but his or (usually) her friend saw my profile and want me to call or email him off of the site. You put in a certain age group and distance and the filters don't work because everyone likes you and emails you.

I tried calling them to explain that I tried to cancel my subscription and it was unclear I had to hit cancel in two different locations, and they stated "I understand your frustration but we cannot give you a full refund, we have to charge you for this month". Oh and they were going to delete their profile as they had found someone. The other kicker is I live in a small community and among the YES ratings that were sent out from me by MATCH include two to people that would recognize me on the street, one of whom I have heard about and would never have contacted. The problem I have found and heard from others using the site is that even after you unsubscribe, your profile remains up on their site.They apparently used a person military info to fool me and I actually found out who he was and was going to contact him, but I didn't. I'm not saying he was involved, but it's apparent they are using his image. Visionary dating sites, like Another Friend, that provide their members with the best communication tools available will experience exceptional growth, other sites will be seen as second rate.But how do we know that the person "sitting behind" the account that has recently been online is ACTUALLY the real person in the profile? Then I see that he's online or has been in the past several hours yet I've gotten no response. I really think it's a well-crafted scam to keep paying members interested. It's been a horrible experience (and I haven't even mentioned the messages I've received from men/scammers over the past six years asking for naked photos, to be friends with benefits, wanting to just sext, requests for threesomes with their girlfriends, etc. I joined 3 years ago and had a horrible experience. I had joined other sites and had men to ask for money and I said no, but listening to this scam artist he got me, hooked, line and sinker.My question is, does Match use inactive member accounts to actively communicate with and deceive current members? Besides getting frequent messages from scammers and men WAY OUTSIDE of my age range (by 20-30 years! I get it, we can't ALL be a match with everyone else on Match. Also, why does Match offer the opportunity to delineate what age range I am interested in when men 20-30 years older than me can still write me? Yes it's my fault, but when I tried to contact Match, I got no response and I had to file for bankruptcy and to say it's been difficult is an understatement.

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