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Borle as “a little naughty in terms of always wanting to know how far you can push something.”“He’s a scientist of comedy,” Mr. Not at all,” he said during a break from rehearsals. Borle for the part even with the knowledge that his commitment to the big-budget “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” would prevent him from appearing in any extension. It’s been nearly a decade since he last played even a remotely regular guy, Emmett Forrest, in that apex of stage naturalism “Legally Blonde.” His subsequent parts have depended on his emphatically extravagant comedy. Borle said he hopes to emphasize the “humanity and sweetness” of the role rather than its more sinister, eccentric qualities. Borle drew on Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Britney Spears and Prince. Borle, Marvin feels much closer to him, particularly as he’s drawing on the deaths of his father, Andre, a professor of physiology, and of the actor and director Roger Rees, Mr. “Having lost, there’s not a whole lot of acting that has to go on,” he said.Elice said, “and he wants to know what the formula is.”But was this inventiveness enough for Mr. Had hiring a straight man named Christian to play a quintessential gay Jew given him any pause? “He is just a lot of fun to be with, and doesn’t appear to suffer for his art,” Mr. (Apparently no one has told him about the sobbing.)It might seem a challenge for Mr. Ben Brantley recently described him as “a master of carefully stylized excess.”These qualities make his casting as Willy Wonka a walkover. Borle had the right mix of “innocence and menace and mystery and charm” that echoed the work of Gene Wilder, Mr. In the meantime, he has to contend with Marvin, a man partial to knit ties, not Wonka top hats or, as in “Something Rotten! Still, he gently eschews comparison between Marvin’s contentious relationship with his ex-wife, Trina (Stephanie J.James’s dressing room.)At a technical rehearsal for “Falsettos,” the men of the cast, arrayed in flashy Sephardic robes, were running through the opening number, “Four Jews in a Room Bitching.” Even with all the stops and starts designed to fix lighting and blocking and set pieces that wouldn’t stay put, Mr. He’d alter his stance, adjust his posture, stretch his live-wire grin even wider.

Just think how overwhelmingly talented their children were going to be: Broadway Superbabies! Now, it's possible that the reasoning behind the divorce may just be rumor; and hey, I'm all for unexpected couples, so I guess I can kind of get behind the Sutton Foster/Bobby Cannavale pairing.

Douglas Hodge had originated the role, to mixed reviews, in London, but Jack O’Brien, the director of the New York production, wanted a different star for Broadway. Block), and his own history with the actress Sutton Foster, with whom he split in 2010.

“Sutton and I separated delicately and respectfully and amicably with very little drama,” he said, noting that she’d recently sent him a loving text message marking their 10-year wedding anniversary.

This is not to say that Marvin is an exact fit for the rest of him, though the two men share an ineptitude at baseball. His first major Broadway gig was in “Spamalot,” in which he played parts as varied as an abusive Frenchman, a girlish prince and an undead corpse.

(The walk skirted the Central Park ball fields, where a scene from “Falsettos” is set. After stints as the love interest in “Legally Blonde” and as a songwriter on the television show “Smash,” he booked his best-known roles: Black Stache, the Captain Hook precursor in “Peter and the Starcatcher,” and a preening William Shakespeare in “Something Rotten!

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He typically labors alone for three or four hours at night, “just thinking and pacing,” he said.