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As for native women not taking crap, statistically speaking that is a false assumption.

Native women actually suffer from higher rates of abuse once they leave a reserve than white people or a native who was raised off-reserve.

Its just that then they will turn and look at you and be a demure lady again afterwards.

:) Theres a native girl here in Vancouver who wears knee high moccasinsbuckskin jacket and feathers once in awhile first time I saw her I crashed into a telephone pole looking. Presumably as charachteristics which foster a sense of care and attachment. Mature adults are as they are, I'm just talking about what makes the phisiology so attractive. And knowing what causes it doesn't make those peoples any less attractive either. We are living in a time of seriously pale indian wannabes like Ward Churchill. I don't care if they are native american, chineese, white, black, or little blue chicks from mars.

I'd trade a 100 white filthy rich nymphomaniacs for 1 native girl hehehe!! That would improve the chances of co-operation, and in violent societies, lower the level of violence by playing on the inherent dislike we have as humans to harm children. In my humble opinion it is a denial of the greater makeup of our characters. (ok that might be stretching it)Point is, I don't think there is a real answer to your question.

Depending on the reserve though, some may be tuffer in the physical sense.

Rules regarding engaging in physical conflict because you are woman simply don't exist on some reserves.

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