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American dating etiquette

You can provide the tip to the server in one of 2 ways: Be aware that there are different type of restaurants that have different 'tipping protocols'.In general, one does not tip at a 'fast food restaurant'.These restaurants (like Mc Donald's) have a counter where you order your food and where you pick it up. Sometimes, there's a jar on the counter with a sign with the word "tips' on it which is a request for tips which will be split amongst all of the clerks at the end of the shift.If you have some spare coins in your pocket or from your change that you receive from your food purchase, you may toss these in the can but it's not necessarily expected.Pets: Bringing a dog or cat with you to America is permitted, provided they go through quarantine.The general rules for having a dog with you in America are that it should be recently vaccinated against rabies prior to arrival and that it can behave itself in public;vaccination for canine distemper is also a plus for dogs.- tips for valet each time you retrieve your car (none when you give it to the valet) are common. per day for the housekeeper at your hotel, left in the room at the end of your stay is common.

In such a case, you'll receive a check from the server but you will take the check to the cashier and you'll pay the cashier.This article contains a discussion by Trip Advisor members concerning the above topic.Please note that the discussion was closed to any additional postings as of Nov 1, 2016 and, as such, some of the information contained herein may be outdated and cannot be commented on by travelers at this time.In all states, however, the drinking age is set at 21 for both sexes and is fairly well enforced with ID checks by the alcohol seller.Furthermore, it is illegal in most states to provide a minor with alcohol even in the company of his parents.

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ORDINARILY, the server will signal to you where you are to pay your bill in one of a few ways: In the case where you pay the cashier, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for change for the tip if the regular change from your purchase won't be sufficient.

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  1. ‘Women or girls are undertaking a temporary marriage in return for money or sponsorship such as a visa agreement or residency…they deal with the consequences later.‘Some are aware it is just for a few days, some are forced in to it by their families while others are left shattered because they believed it was a real marriage - and perhaps pregnant.