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s a) uncomfortable to wear and b) not appropriate for the place to which you? Actually, is it just me that every time I choose to wear something trendy, though not really corresponding to my style, I just cannot behave naturally and cool as I otherwise would!? Even though tripping over in front of your date (on your first date!

In letters from 17, General Washington asked the below questions of his step-granddaughters, Nelly and Eliza Custis - and they’re just as relevant today. He’s appreciative of everything you do for him even if they're epic failures.

scratch the harlem pants, baggy/boyfriend type of jeans unless you? In this case – the previously mentioned are allowed. s already invited you on a date means that he already likes you enough, right?

, then you should probably reassess whether you should be up for a second date, right?

And ladies, few things in life are more cutting than falling in love with the fantasy guy you've constructed out of nothing but sheer hope.

GW: "Retain the resolution to love with moderation…at least until you have secured your game..." [9] Translation: Spend time getting to know your guy first before committing.

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