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Bystock Pools is probably one of the best spots with more than 100 glowing individuals sometimes seen in one night.

Increase your chances by selecting a warm, still, night in late May or early June or by joining a glowworm walk organised by the Devon Wildlife trust (

It was established in the 1040s at the bequest of King Canute, and the swans were originally looked after by monks to supply banquets (they don’t eat them any more).

Though this is a managed collection, the swans are free to come and go. Abbotsbury Subtropical gardens, Abbotsbury Children’s Farm (uk), Chesil Beach and the Fleet Lagoon (, RSPB Lodmoor nature Reserve, Weymouth (uk).

OTHER DEER HOTSPOTS: Boulder Wood, Dorset (; Margam Country Park, Glamorgan (uk); Petworth Park, Sussex; Richmond Park, London (uk); Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire (uk). Then a soft silhouette of a bird twists its way across the clear sky, floating low over the vegetation.

And these places are soon buzzing with courtship, nesting and then chick feeding.

It arrives from Africa in spring to be with us for the summer, and during the day it rests and nests on the ground relying on its camouflage to blend in with dead leaves and needles.

They favour heathland or regenerating woodland and Sherwood Forest, particularly around Clipstone Heath, and Sherwood Pines, is a pretty good place to watch this most peculiar of creatures. OTHER NIGHTJAR HOTSPOTS: Beaulieu Road Heath and Burley, New Forest (uk); Ashdown Forest, East Sussex (; Arne, Dorset (uk); Dunwich Heath, Suffolk (uk).

If you’re lucky you can watch as they seek nectar in the early flowers, kiss-chase in and out of the bluebells and lay eggs in and around clumps of violets also in bloom. No animal attracts as much opinion as these humbug-headed denizens of the night — but the question is, have you seen one?

Badgers are widespread and watching your local sett is one of the best ways to engage with and understand the mystical world of nocturnal wildlife in your area.

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It’s an instantly recognisable bird and its bold plumage, relative rarity and high-diving fishing antics all add to its charm.