Adult ps3 cam chat

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I told her a better way to make friends on PSN was to go to r/PSNFriends and post a thread about which system and games she owns, I told her I was too busy to chat and she tried to string me along in conversation after telling her so. The worst is if you play GTAV frequently, and you get added to these massive group chats where the only messages are "$$$FREE GTA ONLINE CASH$$$" and a link. Then the person who sent the link leaves to avoid getting reported.

I noticed on the Play Station app I could even send myself a friend request. Edit: There is a thread over on the official forums about this too: Station-Network-Support/Messages-Glitch-No-Notifications-PS4-PC-Play Station-Messages-App/td-p/46244055I kinda feel like if you're dumb enough to fall for one of these, then you might as well fall for it.

I'm sure ppl will say its because of ppl like me, but idgaf what anyone thinks. Kids - Mom can i have .00 Mom- For what Kids- i want to watch movies on PS3 Mom - Sure( Moms thinking PS3 is a good system for them because sony would never release adult stuff on ps3) Kids - Look at that A** and Man she got some nice Ti** Meanwhile mom walk in to check on kids Mom- What the hell are you watching Kids - Movies Mom - what kind of game is this. " Second of all, wouldn't the kid want to watch one of the many superhero Marvel movies on the video store?

Meanwhile, other moms take away their children's system or buy their own if they don't have one. I almost went with a "wincest" scenario, but I'll stick with the mothers getting off to adult videos which they took from their children.

It'll teach you a life lesson that you can carry with you about your own ridiculous naivete about the world.

Holy shit, this happened to me two weeks ago while I was offline. If I don't recognize a PSN name I just assume they're someone I just played in Destiny, so I'll send a good ol' "1v1 me" their way and see what happens. After talking with this person for a while they tried to get me to go to a cam site.

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If you refresh your messages on PS4 or on the Play Station app, it completely messes with your message history.