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Review vessel histories and firsthand, press and photographic accounts of naval campaigns.

Analyze naval strategies, ordnance, the rise of the defense industries, and the development of submersible craft, steam powered craft, iron clad ships, air power, and battleships.

Become engaged in the development, growth, technological advances, and use of naval power.

Browse information on fisheries, whaling, the seafood industry, ocean mining, maritime shipping law and the trade of particular goods.

Explore traditions and myths surrounding fishing rituals, crossing-the-line ceremonies, the lost city of Atlantis, sea monsters and tattoos.

Survey maritime art including paintings, jewelry, printing, textiles, object d’art, scrimshaw, ship models, photographs, drawings, sculpture, rope work, knot work, furniture, figureheads, porcelain, pottery, folk art, woodcarving.

Accounts contain geographic, navigational, political, economic, cultural, scientific, and natural history information, as well as personal narratives and biographical data.

Examine maps, charts, and atlases dating from the 16th century to the present.

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Search primary and secondary sources on voyages and expeditions that occurred over the past two thousand years.