Adult contact over 60 swingers dating site layout

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Adult contact over 60 swingers

Like those who don't quite qualify at our lower limit of 25 we can allow exceptions based upon the individuals that make up the couple.

Older couples have a lot to offer besides sex like South Bond said - (he should have also added - well versed in English grammer and spelling ) You would not believe how many of those under 30 that we have received email from that is almost unreadable.

A problem I see with trying to start a 50 site is that younger people wouldn't join, and many people want to play with younger couples, ourselves included.

We have yet to find a couple in our age category to play with, and have found people in their 30s and 40s lots of fun, so we'd never be interested in joining a site geared toward a 50 crowd.

If there was a review process for membership, there wouldn't need to be an age limit. This forum is an interesting tool and gives like minded people an excellent way to help each other.

Technically, it would be no problem, since there are now lots of computer savvy oldtimers. But, I don't really think about age when I see a woman that I admire. Plenty of free time, secure income, health insurance, home paid for, the kids gone and on their own, prescription for Viagra, still enjoy sex, good health, and really have an understanding of the over 55 crowd. Please keep discussing the topics related to the Over 55 crowd.

They are out there (the 55 swingers) they are just mixed in with the rest of us.

No matter what your age, you should be able to find someone to click with at a busy swinger’s club or party.If there was an individual willing to initially fund the site and a thick-skinned workaholic who wanted to run it, the idea might work. tell ya we need to do something for the over 50 crowd ,like someone said before , we might be over the hill but we damn sure not under it . kandlestick We live in Brisbane, Australia and are in that age group - our libido's are still strong and we would love to meet a single male or a couple same age group or at least 40 - 45 for freindship and MFM threesome or MFMF. I'd guess I see as many over 60 that I like as under 50. The mirror tells a different story but mentally and sexually we still have the desire of a 25 year old. The main reason I suggested a website for those of uf 50 is that all the swinger sites we have visited display but hand full of older adults..i.m 53 male and i really enjoy having 3sums with married couples since i,ve turned 50 andrelocated it has been a slow go . Have tried most of the so called Swingers Sites over here and a couple of Yahoo Groups but single guys are as rare as hens teeth. I've always enjoyed older women..., there just aren't as many now! And I know there are alot more out there but for some strange reason they wont come out and play with us..To prevent this, you'd need to control the membership, either through dues, or by recommendation and individual review.I personally have no interest in playing with anyone under 50, but my wife likes younger men.

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People will get to know you for you in a face-to-face setting, whether it's a meet-n-greet, off-premise event, or on-premise club. And with the sexsuality of swinging activities going on, and a little Levitra, fun is as assured as with a 25 year old, only more experienced and in less of a frenzie to get there, which means a lot of fun time along the way. When are you going to want to quit the lifestyle because you are too old Mr. Arent you going to want to have sex with another couple when you are 60?